Sojo is a passionate 

practitioner of

design-thinking driven, 
& outcomes-based 

school improvement & classroom  turnaround.


Teachers Unmuted 

What does he do?


Sojo Varughese is an educator with more than a decade and a half of rich and varied on-field experience behind him in Teacher Training, Instructional Coaching, Academic Audit, Education Technology Integration, and School Improvement. Over these years, working with international, national & state board schools (government and private), he would have by now trained and coached 46000+ school leaders and teachers across India and the Middle East in contemporary classroom teaching, student assessment, and school management practices. His expertise is in blending technology platforms and human interactions for learning as he designs and delivers need-based, experiential, and outcome-driven professional development interventions for educators. Sojo practices and coaches educators on data-informed school improvement and classroom turnaround. Sojo is currently engaged in schooling research and provides teacher development support to schools across India. He is the producer and host of Teachers Unmuted, a desi podcast by an Indian Teacher

on schooling and parenting across the subcontinent.

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