Art Integration in Indian Classrooms

A Frequently Asked Questions & Teacher Support Page


This Frequently Asked Questions & Teacher Support Page on Art Integration in Indian Classrooms is put together based on the inputs from an Online Survey circulated among Indian School Teachers during the early part of December 2020.  More than 200 teachers (and still counting) from both the Central Board of Secondary Education and State Board Schools have responded to the survey so far. Teachers from schools in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Delhi have responded to the Survey to collect Frequently Asked Questions about Art Integration in Indian Classrooms. I am in the process of putting together responses to the top concerns and questions picked up from the data that came in through the Online Survey. 

This is an evolving page that is going to be regularly updated with the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Art Integration in Indian Classrooms. Your support to help me identify the most pressing concerns and questions about Art Integration is the key to the success of this project. Would you spare 5 minutes of your time and take the Online Survey here so that this FAQ and Teacher Support page is as inclusive and pan-Indian as possible? 

As you go through each Frequently Asked Question, please feel free to comment so that your insights about the questions and answers here add value for those who visit this page after you. 

School Support 

Art Integration in Indian Classrooms

Are you a school leader or manager looking for someone to coach or train your teachers in integrating Liberal Arts into the school curriculum and make learning experiential, concept-based, and outcomes-based for your students? I would like to offer my services to support your school and community of teachers to build a culture of learning through design-thinking-driven, data-informed, and outcomes-based school and classroom practice improvement interventions.  Do get in touch!