Teachers Unmuted | Episode 1 | Parenting & the Pandemic

Parents are the ones who struggled the most in India during the pandemic and the nationwide lockdown that followed it. The pandemic brought a sudden unwelcome change in our routines and in our relationships. This disruption in our lives was unlike anything ever before and many of us were at a loss initially when it came to handling the impact of the lockdown on our routines and relationships. Life as we knew it did not exist anymore. We had to come up with quick workarounds and hacks to handle the pressure of the lockdown. How did the middle-class and upper-class parents in India handle this challenge? What has changed about their lives? What did they learn in the process? This episode of Teachers Unmuted with Sojo Varughese is an inquiry into the minds of Indian parents through the eyes of Indian educators, where I want to explore and find out if I can get answers to a few of my concerns about Parenting and the Pandemic as an educator and a new parent.

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