Teachers Unmuted

a desi podcast by an Indian Teacher on schooling & parenting across the subcontinent.

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Teachers Unmuted with Sojo Varughese is imagined as a fortnightly editorial on schooling and parenting within the Indian context, where I am trying to tap into the Indian understanding of how children learn as the host of the show, to find answers to the burning questions in the school education space. This podcast is also imagined as an online space where we listen to the voices of teachers and parents, people who actually toil hard on the field trying to bring up our children.


What are the challenges our parents and teachers facing as they work with the kids under their care? How do schooling policies and education trends affect the way people function as parents and teachers in India? How do they overcome these challenges? What are they learning in the process? The basic structure of Teachers Unmuted with Sojo Varughese is worked out based on these key questions. 

I am going on air with Teachers Unmuted with Sojo Varughese, once every two weeks. 

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